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Meet Ollie, the Great Horned Owl

He was found as a baby and raised illegally for 2 years by the original finder; his overall health condition was very poor. Ollie was turned over to a wildlife center that is no longer in existence. He was nursed back to health and then it was decided that he did not have a permanent placement at this center. Alison Sharpe, director and founder of WCRC, volunteered at the center where Ollie resided for several months and did much of his caretaking and nursing him back to health. It was then that Ollie was removed from that center by Alison and permits were applied for and thus started the Wildlife Care and Rescue Center. Ollie has been a gracious mascot for WCRC and has seen thousands of children and adults over the last 20 years at our educational programs.

Support from Chevron

of Pascagoula, MS

Over the years we have found ourselves in a position where we have needed a boat to rescue a wild animal in distress out on the water. We have found ourselves on piers and docks asking the boating public for assistance. We no longer need to do this as Chevron donated this 19 foot boat, motor and trailer to the WCRC in 2014.

Tragedy on the Gulf

Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill -
Jeff Corwin & Alison Sharpe

In 2010, Mississippi, along with Texas, Louisiana, Alabama and Florida were affected by a single tragedy. It was April 20th of this year that the Deep Water Horizon/BP Oil Spill happened. As everyone is aware, this had devastating effects on Marine life, wildlife and the entire ecosystem within the estuaries, tributaries, bayous and beyond. It was because of this event that Director, Alison Sharpe, was able to meet one of her idols, Jeff Corwin. Although she wishes it would have been under much different circumstances, Alison and Jeff, seen featured here on Biloxi beach, MS., discussing the effects the spill will have on the nesting of endangered Least Terns.